26 weeks 5 days

Both babies are growing nicely. I had a growth scan just over a week ago and they are right in the middle of their centile graph. I however seem to have stopped gaining weight and have stayed the same weight for the last three weeks. However as they are growing well this doesn’t seem to be an issue. My midwife has told me to eat an extra 350 calories a day instead of the normal recommended 200 in pregnancy, as I’m pregnant with twins. On the whole I’m managing this.

My tummy feels so full after I eat I have to eat smaller meals more often. There are also days where its harder to breathe. It seems to depend on how the babies are positioned.

Otherwise all is still going well. I’m able to still be relatively active and feel pretty good, although tired.

Thankfully my feet itching has eased off however this has been replaced by thrush. It seems I’m destined to itch one way or another.

We have sorted most of the nursery. We just need to pick up the cots, which will be ready to collect in two weeks time. I’ve also started washing all the baby clothes people have given us. All my friends seem to have had girls lately so I have two drawers of second hand girl clothes and half a drawer of boys stuff. We’ve decided we are probably having boys and they’ll have nothing to wear.

We also had a 4d scan last week. It was surreal to see them both. They made sure we didn’t see anything that would give the gender away. Our friends and family are torn between boy and girl and two boys. I’m also torn and can’t make my mind up. I think it’s hard to see from faces alone. I’m glad as I am looking forward to the surprise.

My hospital bags are all packed just in case they come early. I’m hoping they don’t. My plan is to work to 34 weeks, but we will see how that goes.

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