28 weeks today

So I’m 28 weeks pregnant. Still can’t quite believe it.

I had another growth scan yesterday. Both twins are growing nicely and now weigh 2lb 5 and 2 lb 6. They are right on track. My next growth scan is in 4 weeks.

I also had my second antenatal class. We had to pay for our antenatal classes as our trust doesn’t provide them. It cost £70 for three classes, however we did get a few free bottles, nappies and some nappy rash cream. You also get tea and biscuits so it’s not to bad. The class is a bit basic and a lot of stuff I knew already but I suppose they have to cater for everyone.

Our nursery is now almost finished. The cots have been put together and everything is decorated. Just need a baby monitor and a lamp. I’ve sorted a lot of our old stuff to put on ebay to clear space for baby stuff.

I’ve got just 6 weeks left at work. I can’t believe how quickly things are going. My to do list is huge so I need to crack on and get on top of stuff in case I go into labour early. In ten weeks if they aren’t here I’ll be induced.

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