30 weeks 4 days

There not too much to report. Things seem to be going well.

I’ve had my home visit from the health visitor and have finished all our antenatal classes.

We’ve booked in for a breastfeeding support class for pregnancy on 12th March. It’s free and offers advice and support, which you can access after the baby is born.

We’ve brought or been given pretty much everything we need. I suppose there has to be one advantage to taking so long to get pregnant. Everyone else has already done it and has lots of hand me downs.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I’m tired, especially after work and I’m up at least three times a night to have a wee. There’s only 3 weeks left at work then about another 3 and a half weeks before they induce me, if the twins can wait that long. I’m hoping that they give me a few days at home to rest before they arrive.

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