32 weeks 4 days

My tummy is feeling very heavy now. Breathing is also becoming harder and I walk more like a penguin these days. Thankfully I have only a week left at work. I’m exhausted by the end of the day and I am really ready to finish now.

We had a growth scan last Monday and both twins are growing well. Their estimated weights are now 4lb 2 and 3lb 14 so I’m carrying over 8lb of babies around, which explains the tiredness and difficultly breathing.

Both babies are wiggling around a lot and respond when me and my wife talk to them. It still feels odd they will be born in less than five weeks and we will finally be parents.

We attended an antenatal breastfeeding class this week. It was all free and run by volunteers. They run support groups for new mums where you can get advice and socialise so we are going to go along when the twins arrive. They were able to give information on breast feeding twins which helped me get my head round how it would work.

I’ve had increased back pain and more braxton hicks this week so it feels like the are getting themselves ready. I’m hoping they don’t come to soon and at least wait until I finish work next week.

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