34 weeks and 2 days

My last clinic appointment with the consultant has a week ago last Monday. I’ve seen a different doctor most times I’ve been. The lady I saw was happy with my growth scan and happy I could try to have the babies normally, as twin 1 is head down. Twin 2 is breach but they will try and turn twin 2 when number one is born or failing that I may be able to give birth to number 2 breach. Last resort will be a c section.

My blood pressure was normal but I did have a little sugar in my wee. She wasn’t to bothered about this. I was then told if the babies aren’t here by 17th April I will be induced. I am to turn up at 8am on 17th. I have my last scan on 10th April and they will confirm any details then.

I finished work last Friday, which I was more than ready for. I’m technically on leave this week and maternity leave starts next week.

I had to put extra hours in to get everything done and my diary was full of meeting after meeting. Thankfully my manager let me take some time owing, so it means I have a bit more leave to carry forward for when my maternity leave ends. No more work now until November. Yay.

I have found I’ve been busy every day this week, as everyone wants to see me before the babies arrive. Also as it’s half term a lot of my friends with children are off work so want to meet up. So I’m still worn out but it’s a different kind of worn out to work worn out.

I’ve put time aside for relaxing next week. My friend is doing a raki session with me and I’ve booked in a pregnancy massage. I can’t wait.

My midwife saw me this morning and everything is looking good. No sugar in my wee this time. Both babies heartbeats are sounding good. All my bloods are good. My iron levels are all good. I have just one more midwife appointment left in two weeks time (unless babies don’t wait that long).

Health wise I’m doing well. I’m tired and breathless but otherwise still able to get around OK. I do find when I go shopping everything I want seems to be on the bottom shelf, which I can get down to but getting back up is only achieved by holding on to something and grunting.

Less than three weeks left until these babies get here. I can’t wait to meet them.

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