36 weeks 1 day

I have made it to 36 weeks. My last growth scan was yesterday and both babies are growing well. They have estimated twin one as weighing 6 lb 4 and twin 2 as 5 lb 10. Twin 2 however was hard to measure as it was all bunched up.

Twin 1 is still head down and low down ready to engage however not down in my pelvis yet. Twin two is now sideways in my rips, with its feet by its face.

My induction is still booked in for next Tuesday however I have to ring before coming in to make sure they have room for me. If not then it will be put off to the following day.

I’m feeling ready to give birth now. I’m so heavy and uncomfortable and my back hurts a lot. I’m still able to drive and I’m going for little walks every day. My house has been cleaned top to bottom and I have made lots of healthy meals for the freezer. I’ve also made sure the cupboards are full so we don’t have to worry about shopping in the first few weeks.

I can’t wait to meet them both. By the end of next week they should be here.

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