36 weeks 4 days

This last few days I’ve been lacking in energy. I’ve gone from having loads of energy and going around cleaning everything to finding getting up off a chair takes every ounce of energy. I have also been more grumpy and snappy.

I’ve not been sleeping very well, which I think is the problem. I’m going for a wee at least four times a night and just can’t get comfy. I also feel so heavy.

I had my midwife appointment on Thursday and she confirmed the first baby is low in the pelvis. Twin two is still stuck right up in my ribs. My hips have been sore and walking and driving is now more uncomfortable. My blood pressure was in normal range but on the high side of normal so she’s told me to ring if I feel unwell. Otherwise she was happy with everything.

So Tuesday is still the planned induction day if the hospital has beds. I have to call at around 6.30am to confirm. I keep hoping I’ll start in labour before then but I’m running out of days.

I have also had to be a bit secretive about the induction day as my wife’s mother has said she will turn up at the hospital as soon as I go into labour. We’ve made it clear she won’t be let in and that only the two of us will be at the birth but she doesn’t listen. I’ve found this hard as it’s meant I’ve not been able to tell many people in case it gets back to her and she turns up and causes problems. It also adds to stress that I don’t need. She’s very excited and her hearts in the right place, but she wants to know everything. In my tired state I have no patience.

Families can be very hard and everyone has their own opinions on everything pregnancy related. Thankfully my family are far more laid back.

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