They have arrived

It’s taken a while to write this post as the last few days have been crazy.

Our twins made it into the world at 12.44 am and 12.50 am on Friday morning.

After going to the hospital Tuesday morning at 11am for the induction to start and find out I was already 2cm dilated so couldn’t have the medication I thought I was going to have, we had to wait until Thursday until that had a bed on delivery suite so I could get my waters broken.

Waiting on the ward was tough and I would have preferred to be at home. The hospital was noisy and the warmest place ever. My wife also could not stay after 10pm so I was on my own.

Thursday morning they came to find me at 7.30am to let me know there was a bed and to get my things together ASAP. I called my wife to come in and off to delivery suite I went. Once there they let me have some breakfast and drinks. My midwife introduced herself and I also had a student midwife. My wife arrived just after 8am

I was strapped on a monitor for an hour so they could get a base line for both twins heartbeats and make sure they were not distressed.

Once they were happy with that, I met the doctor and anesthesist. I was told my waters would be broken and I’d be put on a hormone drip straight away. Once on the drip I would be bed bound and would be unable to eat. I was therefore advised to eat something and go to the toilet. I could only use a bed pan after being on the drip. I was given a sandwich, hot drink and cake and then we were ready to go.

As I was having twins they advised an epidural in case I needed an emergency c section or had complications. The anesthesist explained how this worked.

Then off we went. My waters were broken at just before 11am and I was put on the drip. I was between 2 and 3 cm when things started. The hormone injection had to be increased gradually over a few hours to increase my contractions. By 1.30pm I was having the required amount of contractions of between 3 and 4 every ten minutes, however I couldn’t feel much so couldn’t have the epidural until I felt the pain. I felt pain if I laid flat put not if I sat up. I had to sit up for the epidural so could not feel the contractions. Therefore they did it and I had to lay back to see if it had worked. The anesthetist said normally they were only called in when a woman was in agony so found this funny.

Then it was just waiting. At 5.30 pm. I was 5 cm so I was told I would be checked again in 4 hours and they would expect me to to be 7-8 cm as it was my first pregnancy. However when they checked me at 9.30 I was fully dilated. The doctor came to review everything I said I needed an hours rest then she would give me an hour to push the first twin out. My deadline for having twins one was 12am.

Unfortunately after an hour twin one was almost out but I could not quite get the head out. It was therefore decided that I was go to theatre for a forseps delivery. The doctor said normally they would let me continue pushing if it was a single pregnancy however they were concerned about the second twin becoming distressed.

So I was cut and forseps used however due to the epidural I couldn’t feel anything. It took four big pushes and out twin one came. Our baby girl was born. Then twin 2s waters were broken and twin 2 was pulled out feet first by the doctor in three pushes. Our baby boy was born.

Everything seemed fine. The first placenta came out then the second did not. I started hemorrhaging. Thankfully I can remember very little of what happened but I did think at one point I would die. I obviously didn’t but lost half my blood volume and needed a transfusion.

It did mean an extended stay in hospital but we finally made it home yesterday evening.

2 thoughts on “They have arrived

  1. This most be so exciting to see your twins!!! I can’t wait to see my princess in August! Congrats on your arrival and I’m glad you are doing fine even after all the craziness you had ❤️❤️

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