7 weeks and 5 days old

Today we went for their 6 week check with the health visitor (our 6 week check with the GP is on Thursday). Both babies have grown out of their newborn clothes and are now in their 0 to 3 months clothing. I was therefore interested to know what they both weighed.

My boy twin (baby D) has always been heavier however his sister (baby F) seems to have had a growth spurt in the last week and feels heavier when you pick her up. Her cheeks have filled out and she’s started to get little rolls on her arms and legs.

So it turned out she is heavier. She now weighs 9 lb 7 and has gone up two centiles from the 2nd centile to the 25th. Baby D is 8 lb 13 and has stayed on 2nd centile. Both their heads have grown and now are on 25th centile. How people give birth to babies this size is eye watering.

The health visitor was really happy with their progress, however wanted us back in 4 weeks just to check baby F is not taking all of the milk at the expense of baby D.

Both babies now smile. Baby D is a lot easier to get a smile out of. He smiles when you talk to him and likes you to sing to him. They both like listening to music. His sister gets really bad wind which can leave her grumpy and harder to get a smile out of. They are now both more interested in their surroundings and want to play. Baby F loves to feel different textures and fabrics and is more interested in her toys.

I am trying to do tummy time every day. They both are able to lift up their heads and do push ups. Baby D is not happy on his front and desperately tries to go on his side so I think he will roll over first. Baby F would stay on her tummy all day if I let her.

I try to get out every day even if it’s for a walk around the block. We are attending a twin group and a breastfeeding group so I get out and see other mums twice a week. I’ve managed a shopping centre all by myself, which I was proud of. As my wife works long shifts it means she’s at home for four days a week so we go out for walks with them in their slings.

I can’t imagine life without them now. It’s like they have been in our lives for ever.

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