30 weeks 4 days

There not too much to report. Things seem to be going well.

I’ve had my home visit from the health visitor and have finished all our antenatal classes.

We’ve booked in for a breastfeeding support class for pregnancy on 12th March. It’s free and offers advice and support, which you can access after the baby is born.

We’ve brought or been given pretty much everything we need. I suppose there has to be one advantage to taking so long to get pregnant. Everyone else has already done it and has lots of hand me downs.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I’m tired, especially after work and I’m up at least three times a night to have a wee. There’s only 3 weeks left at work then about another 3 and a half weeks before they induce me, if the twins can wait that long. I’m hoping that they give me a few days at home to rest before they arrive.


28 weeks today

So I’m 28 weeks pregnant. Still can’t quite believe it.

I had another growth scan yesterday. Both twins are growing nicely and now weigh 2lb 5 and 2 lb 6. They are right on track. My next growth scan is in 4 weeks.

I also had my second antenatal class. We had to pay for our antenatal classes as our trust doesn’t provide them. It cost £70 for three classes, however we did get a few free bottles, nappies and some nappy rash cream. You also get tea and biscuits so it’s not to bad. The class is a bit basic and a lot of stuff I knew already but I suppose they have to cater for everyone.

Our nursery is now almost finished. The cots have been put together and everything is decorated. Just need a baby monitor and a lamp. I’ve sorted a lot of our old stuff to put on ebay to clear space for baby stuff.

I’ve got just 6 weeks left at work. I can’t believe how quickly things are going. My to do list is huge so I need to crack on and get on top of stuff in case I go into labour early. In ten weeks if they aren’t here I’ll be induced.

26 weeks 5 days

Both babies are growing nicely. I had a growth scan just over a week ago and they are right in the middle of their centile graph. I however seem to have stopped gaining weight and have stayed the same weight for the last three weeks. However as they are growing well this doesn’t seem to be an issue. My midwife has told me to eat an extra 350 calories a day instead of the normal recommended 200 in pregnancy, as I’m pregnant with twins. On the whole I’m managing this.

My tummy feels so full after I eat I have to eat smaller meals more often. There are also days where its harder to breathe. It seems to depend on how the babies are positioned.

Otherwise all is still going well. I’m able to still be relatively active and feel pretty good, although tired.

Thankfully my feet itching has eased off however this has been replaced by thrush. It seems I’m destined to itch one way or another.

We have sorted most of the nursery. We just need to pick up the cots, which will be ready to collect in two weeks time. I’ve also started washing all the baby clothes people have given us. All my friends seem to have had girls lately so I have two drawers of second hand girl clothes and half a drawer of boys stuff. We’ve decided we are probably having boys and they’ll have nothing to wear.

We also had a 4d scan last week. It was surreal to see them both. They made sure we didn’t see anything that would give the gender away. Our friends and family are torn between boy and girl and two boys. I’m also torn and can’t make my mind up. I think it’s hard to see from faces alone. I’m glad as I am looking forward to the surprise.

My hospital bags are all packed just in case they come early. I’m hoping they don’t. My plan is to work to 34 weeks, but we will see how that goes.

24 weeks and 2 days

Last Thursday evening I came home from work and had sore itchy feet. I soaked them in some water and thankfully they felt better. The next day I was on a course all day. I was sat on a horrible plastic chair and when I got home my back and hip hurt and my feet where hot swollen and itchy.

Saturday I felt better and the itching stopped so I put it down to swelling or an allergy. Sunday however the itching came back really badly and kept me awake. Obviously I googled it and saw itching feet and hands can be a sign of liver problems. So onMonday I called the community midwife office and they advised me to go to the gp and get a blood test.

I also spoke to my sister who is a midwife and she said it’s important to have a blood test, however itching can be because of other things. She had really itchy hands in pregnancy and her tests were normal.

The gp surgery managed to get me in Monday afternoon which was quick. I saw a locum doctor and he was really nice. He confirmed that I needed a blood test and ordered me one however, he could not do it and I had to see a nurse the next day. He did check my blood pressure and wee which were both normal. He did say itching in pregnancy is common.

My results came back today, as normal, so my liver is fine. My feet still itch but at least it is not anything serious.

Sleeping is getting hard. If I’m not itching, I’m getting up for a wee or suffering from cramp. I can’t get comfy however I position my pillow. The babies also like to have a party as soon as I lay down. I love feeling them, but night time seems to be there favourite time for moving. I suppose I need to get used to not sleeping for when they arrive.

22 weeks and 4 days

My tummy is getting bigger every day at the moment. My belly button is still an innie but only just.

I have found I’ve really enjoyed watching my body change. For the first time in my life I’m completely happy with my body. It’s making two babies and I’m really thankful for that.

I’ve had a lot of stretching sensations and my first pregnancy stretch mark. My tummy feels heavy now. My back has also been aching this week and at times has been really uncomfortable. I’m still getting restless legs in the evenings and cramp, especially in my toes. Both my sisters had restless legs and cramps in all their pregnancies and I have read it can run in families. I’m also quite breathless at times and I have to stop and rest to get my breath back.

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty well. I have found I need to slow down a bit. I have a stressful job and I’ve been trying to keep on top of all the cleaning at home, while also painting the nursery and generally running around.

My body however has been telling me I need to slow down.

The babies movements are a lot stronger now and have been waking me up around 5.30 every morning. I can see little vibrations across my tummy at times which is really surreal. We’ve been playing them music and talking to them. My nephew likes to sing twinkle twinkle little star to them.

I’ve started buying bits for my hospital bag. I have also been looking for offers on nappies and things so I can start buying stuff now to spread the cost out. I feel like I need to be organised in case they come early.

I have in my head that twins tend to come early and I was born prematurely at 28 and a half weeks. I think that has made me worry more. I keep telling myself just because my mum had all premature babies doesn’t mean I will. Both my sisters went to full term however no one in my family has had twins. However I have heard lots of stories from people who went to 38 weeks with twins and had to be induced as they were not showing any signs of coming. So I’ll just have to wait and see.

21 weeks 2 days

Today was my anomaly scan.

Both twins were measured from top to toe. The sonographer checked their organs, measured their heads, and checked their faces. He confirmed everything was looking normal and they are the right size. Their hearts looked good and they were both wiggling around.

We decided not to know the sex. I want it to stay a surprise.

It’s a relief to know that they are both OK.

My sister is a midwife so she’s listened to them with a doppler last week. My own midwife doesn’t listen to them until the end of this month and it seemed like a long time to wait. It’s handy having my sister around to ask lots of questions.

So far symptom wise I’m still feeling well. I’ve been having some stretching pains and the twins movements are definitely more noticeable now. I’m also finding that my stomach is really itchy.

19 weeks tomorrow

I’ve not written for a while. A part of myself is annoyed that I’m not writing things down. I’m sure there will come a time when I look back and wish I’d written down my thoughts and feelings.

So far I’ve been very well. I’ve not been sick and the nausea went at just passed 10 weeks. I feel healthy and well. I’ve been tired and I have a dry red patch of skin on my face that won’t go away but I feel pretty lucky so far.

As it’s twins I’m being checked every four weeks. Both twins are doing well and are growing and developing. I’ve seen my consultant twice and he seems nice. Unfortunately the clinics are always over booked and the waiting time for the appointments is around an hour and a half. I wish they’d just stagger the appointments better as waiting for hours isn’t ideal. The consultant has warned me that giving birth to twins involves a lot of people in the room. The image of giving birth just me and a midwife is not the reality for me but after all the poking and prodding I’ve had down there in the last six years I’m used to everyone looking at my bits.

The whole giving birth bit doesn’t seem to be bothering me yet. I worry about going into labour early or something being wrong but the actual birth I feel OK about. Hopefully it will stay that way.

I’m more obviously pregnant now as well. This has meant more people asking questions about what I’m having, are twins in the family etc. People have also started patting my stomach. So far I do not mind this and I’m honest about the whole ivf thing. A lot of people have told me their own ivf stories.

I’m also finding I’m enjoying the change in my body. I feel happy when I look in the mirror and see my body. My body doesn’t look like my body anymore but I like the way it looks and feels. I actually feel pregnant now. I think I finally feel that this is really happening after all this time.

13 weeks 5 days

So my pregnancy is out there in the world for every one to know. We told extended family on Monday and Tuesday. I told work on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning I was getting congratulations emails from people in other offices and departments. It’s strange how quick news travels.

It feels more real now and more exciting. I’m still anxious and every ache or pain makes me panic but I am trying to enjoy my pregnancy. I’ve had people come and rub my tummy at work now they know and I’ve had lots of advice. Some good and some not so good.

Today we decided to put the news on Facebook. I wasn’t sure at first about telling everyone online but I thought it’s pretty much out there anyway. I also decided to share the struggles we have had.

I’ve been honest about having ivf and not hidden it at all. Most people ask if twins are in the family as soon as I mention twins, however I’ve been clear they are here due to ivf.

I’ve had two people at work, who I don’t know that well, ask me about ivf as they are going through infertility. It’s always helped me to know I’m not the only person to go through infertility so if talking to someone else helps them, then I’m happy to talk about it.

One of the ladies I work with said she could see an angel on our scan picture. She told me her scan had the same thing and someone told her it was the angel of the baby she lost looking after her baby. I am not sure I believe in stuff like that but it’s a nice thought.

We did decide to lay some flowers today for the baby I lost. We never got far enough along to have a due date however the baby would have been due around mid November so we felt we needed to honour that. In my head the baby was a girl. I was always think of her and remember her.

13 weeks

Yesterday was my NHS scan.

The lady completing the scan was unfortunately not the happiest individual. When I told her it was an ivf pregnancy and that I already knew it was twins she was annoyed as no one had told her. My notes however was right in front of her and the fact it was an ivf pregnancy and twins were clearly written on it.

She completed the scan but there was no reassurance or explanation. She just went quickly from one twin to another taking measurements. She didn’t say what these meant. When I asked if everything was OK she did however tell me they were growing OK so this was good.

I was then rushed out and told to wait for my notes and due date.

I got my due date of 8th May. This is the date the fertility clinic gave me and they told me they just go with that date and do not look at measurements when getting a due date for ivf pregnancies. This puts me at 13 weeks today.

Thankfully the receptionists were a lot happier. They booked me in for my consultant appointment next Monday. As I’m having twins I need to be consultant lead. They also sorted out my bounty leaflets so I can pick up my packs and my folder for carrying my notes around. I also got my flu jab sorted while I was there. The flu jab nurse was also really lovely.

The receptionists were also cheery despite a lady complaining that she had been waiting for three minutes and didn’t want to wait any longer. My wife found this hilarious.

We got some good pictures of both babies. We had to pay for the pictures and they wouldn’t let us choose which ones we wanted so we just had to have the ones the unhappy lady chose.

We’ve now started telling everyone and I’ve told people at work. It’s nice not to have to feel like I’m hiding anything.

It’s another 8 weeks until my next scan on 28th December. Not sure I’ll make it that long. I’ll probably end up getting another private scan.

12 weeks

According to my own dates I’m 12 weeks today. My clinic have worked out I’m 12 weeks on Tuesday however my last scan put me slightly ahead of my dates so I would have been 12 weeks a couple of days ago.

I’ll get my dates on my scan on 30th and will know my due date.

I still can’t believe I’m at 12 weeks. I still have to remind myself I’m pregnant. My tummy is growing and my clothes are tight. I’m trying to hide it the best I can until I’ve had my scan and I’m getting excited about everyone knowing. It odd hiding something your so happy about.

As I’m now at 12 weeks it’s time to start coming of my medication. The clinic has told me to stop my estrogen tablets Tuesday. They have told me to just stop taking them and I do not need to come off them gradually which worries me. My fragmin injections also stop on Tuesday and I start taking a small aspirin each morning from Wednesday. My steroids are reduced gradually over 9 days so I feel more comfortable with that. My progesterone pessaries are still around until I get to 13 weeks and again I’ve been told just to stop them and not to reduce gradually.

It’s scary coming off all the medication and relying on my own body to do it’s thing. I’ve been on ivf medication since July. It’s taken over every morning and evening since then. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my extra time everyday