Eating for one

There’s times when I’ve been obsessed with reading about fertility food. I’ve read so many websites, blogs and articles. I’ve written down all the foods I should or shouldn’t eat and got confused as some foods seemed to be on both lists.
I remember going out for a meal during a 2ww and eating fish with capers only to read the next day not to eat capers. I then spent months blaming myself for not getting pregnant, all because I ate around ten capers.

This time last year I had three failed ivf cycles under my belt and had just had a fibroid removed. I had frequent UTIs, bacterial infections and for the first time in my life, irregular periods. I was stressed and I was putting on weight.

I decided to rip up my lists and concentrate on eating for me and for my health instead of eating for a baby.
I brought some clean eating recipe books and haven’t looked back since.

I now eat a balanced diet and enjoy my food without the worry that I have not eaten the right or wrong things.

I’m healthier than I have been for years. My infections are gone, my weight is stable and my not feeling guilty all the time. A bonus has been that my periods are back to normal.

I still find myself reading things on the Internet from time to time and its hard to be objective when you want something so much. I wish getting pregnant was as easy as eating the right amount of avocado or pineapple. My wife likes to remind me that plenty of people get pregnant who only eat sausage rolls and crisps.

As I am nearing my next round of ivf I am hoping I can keep away from Google during the 2ww. Fingers crossed.

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