This round of ivf so far

This round of ivf has been a bit of a roller-coaster so far.
It was all set to happen in January but my smear test results came back with severe changes. A biopsy followed which was inconclusive and in the end it transpired that there had been a mistake and it had all been fine all along.
Everything has been delayed twice already.
This week I was due to go in for my endo scratch but when I arrived I’d been booked in on the wrong day. I’m there back in next week.
I was going to share half my eggs but the person I was going to share with has now pulled out. My options are to wait 4-5 months for the clinic to link me with someone else or to pay an extra £3000 to continue.
I have decided to continue.
I am trying to be positive. Maybe this all has to happen for a reason. To make sure everything comes together at the right time.
Sometimes I start thinking, what if this is the universe telling me to give up. I know I can’t give up yet and have to keep going.

2 thoughts on “This round of ivf so far

  1. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you and your wife. I’m looking to start a family after our holiday (also in a same sex relationship). Didn’t realise it could be so tough. I’ve got friend who got pregnant first time. I just hope you get what you want!!


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