Follicle scan day

So I had my follicle scan today. I had 11 on my left side and 13 on my right. I keep asking whether I have pcos but I keep being told as I have no other symptoms then I haven’t got it. Last time I had 16 on my right so at least it’s slightly less.

I am on different meds this time so they have told me my risk of ohss is less. I am so worried about having it again.

They also noticed a small fibroid which was disappointing. I am crossing my fingers it won’t cause issues. I just wish my insides would be normal.

My first injection will be this evening and egg collection is likely to be around 6th june. I can’t get over how quick it all is on a short protocol. I have started to panic today as it all seems so real. I’ve been waiting to get started for so long but now it’s happening I keep thinking I could do with more time.

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