Week three of ivf meds

So after my random bleeding on Wednesday I had no bleeding yesterday or today. My clinic did my scan this morning and they have no idea why I bled so much. My womb lining is 5.7 which is what it should be at this point and as long as it’s over 6 by next Friday my frozen transfer will be on 17th August as planned.

So I’m still on track and so far feeling OK about it all.

My wife thinks maybe the bleeding was an emotional thing. It was very similar to a miscarriage when all the lumps came away so she thinks it might be a reaction on my part from the emotions from the miscarriage. A kind of release of all that emotion and pain showing in a physical way so I could move on to this next ivf transfer. I kind of like that thought rather than the thought of what the hell is my body doing.

In a way I’m glad the bleeding happened. I’m glad it’s all come away so I haven’t got odd lumps knocking around in my womb when my embryos are put back.

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