4 weeks 6 days

I still haven’t had much in the way of pregnancy symptoms. I’m light headed every so often and occasionally have a watery mouth but so far there’s been no sickness. I still don’t really feel pregnant. I wake up every morning at 5am feeling hot and needing a wee but that is it.

Naturally I was therefore convinced that it’s all going wrong. Last time my second blood test revealed that I was having a miscarriage and I was convinced the same would happen again.

Yesterday was my second blood test and I’ve been dreading it. I cried in the car on the way for the test as I thought it was all over.

Normally my clinic rings back with any blood test results before 2pm. The only time they rang after this time was when I had the miscarriage when they rang me at 4pm. I therefore decided that they ring late with bad news as the doctor must have to review the results. So 2pm came and went and there were no results. I was an anxious wreck by this point.

At 3pm my wife text to say she’d got hold of the clinic and that they were busy but everything is fine, they will ring with the results soon. What I found out after was that she’d been ringing them repeatedly since about 1.30pm but the nurses weren’t available. In the end the receptionist told her not to worry and everything was fine as she’d checked.

They finally rang just before 4pm. Obviously I had just gone to the toilet and missed the call. I got an answer phone message saying all is fine don’t worry and asking me to call back.

When I spoke to the nurse she confirmed all is going well. My hcg number is just over 2000. She did give me the exact figure but I was so shocked that it was over 2000 that I forgot the rest. I was then booked in for my scan on 14th September when I’ll be just under 7 weeks pregnant.

I feel like it’s all a dream at the moment. I still can’t quite believe it is real. Hopefully I can get through the next two weeks without being too much of an anxious mess.

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