Nearly 5 weeks old

The babies are now 4 weeks and 6 days old. The time has gone so quickly and they are growing and changing every day. They have gown out of both their tiny baby clothes and the first size clothes and are now wearing newborn clothes.

Today is the first day I’m all by myself. My wife went back to work today after having over 5 weeks off work. Its meant I have had to be very organised.

I have made sure I have a drink and snack station next to the sofa for when I’m breastfeeding and I’ve had to use the baby monitor for the first time so I could have a shower. When there was two of us in the house someone was always sat with them, so I never had to worry. I’ve also had to get out the cat nets for the cot for when I leave the room.

The babies do not like sleeping apart so we have a cot in our room and a travel cot downstairs. The moses baskets were hardly used and are now in the attic.

So far today I am showered washed and dressed and both babies are washed and dressed. I also have washing in the tumble dryer so I feel like I’m winning.

Thankfully the visitors have calmed down now and we have had visitor free days last week and this week. I have found the number of visitors hard to cope with at times. I have asked for no visitors today as I want to see how I get on at home by myself.

I’m now breastfeeding both babies for the majority of the time. They have one bottle each of formula before bed. It gives me a break and it means they normally sleep for at least 3 hours in a row. I find if I get those 3 plus hours of sleep I can manage whatever the rest of the night throws at me.

My tummy is going down now however I still do not fit in my before pregnancy clothes and my maternity clothes are now too big. I have found my new body strange to get used to, which took me by surprise. I loved my pregnancy body as it was growing my babies, but now I feel a little deflated and everything is not the same as before. I know I’ll get used to things again. I just wasn’t expecting to feel this way.

Otherwise I’m feeing pretty good about everything and handling twins has not been quite as stressful as I thought.

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