The joys of stims

I had a scan yesterday and they have moved my egg collection forward to Friday. The nurse told me that if they left me until Monday I may pop. It has felt like I have eaten a all you can eat buffet constantly since Saturday. My bloating is getting worse and more uncomfortable. I’m just crossing my fingers I do not get ohss again.

I hid my swollen belly in a stretchy pencil skirt and peplum top today at work. Someone asked if I was going to an interview as I looked very smart so I must have hid my swollen belly well. I’m working from home tomorrow but I have to go in to the office Thursday so god knows how I’ll feel by then.

I have only told two people at work, my manager and the manager who is covering me when I’m off. I’ve not told my staff so am trying to put a brave face on it and act like normal. I’m not sure if not telling people is a good idea or not. I just hope I can get by until Thursday. 

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