A little crazy

So I’ve made it to week 2 of suprecur injections. I had a scan on Friday and my lining has shed like it’s meant to and there is nothing odd like last time I was on suprecur.  So thankfully my frozen embryo transfer can go ahead. 

I started HRT tablets on Friday evening. I’m currently on one a day but this will increase over the next two weeks. If all goes well transfer day will be 24th February.  This day is the birthday of one of my wife’s relatives who died suddenly so it’s a difficult day for her. If this transfer works at least there will be something positive from a dark day but if things do not work it may just make an already different day have more sad memories attached to it. 

Additionally during my two week wait in June I worked out roughly when I would be giving birth. Why I did this I do not know but these things happen. Had I not had a chemical pregnancy I would be having a baby at the end of February. 

Part of me knows that everything is just coincidence but there’s another crazy part of me thinking there’s a reason this is all happening at the end of February on the birthday of someone we lost. 

Infertility does make me crazy sometimes.  

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