Having it all

I have been thinking a lot lately whether you can really ‘have it all’. I was brought up to believe I could be and do whatever I wanted. I consider myself a feminist and see no reason why I can’t be a mother and have the career I want, yet lately I can’t stop feeling conflicted. 

I have spent the last few years managing a team and I have loved every minute of it but my contract is coming to an end I it’s almost time for me to return to my previous position. Amongst all this I’m injecting myself with ivf meds hoping to finally have the family I’ve been dreaming of. 

Well the opportunity has come up for me to apply for a more senior position. I have had good feedback on the work I’ve done so far and I’ve been encouraged to go for this job. Obviously there’s no guarantee I’ll get it but I feel I need to try. But lately I’ve felt so guilty. What if I get this job and get pregnant – is that fair. 

I know the answer is yes. If I get this job and get pregnant it would be the best thing ever. 

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