Transfer day

Thankfully my fragmin injection went more smoothly today unlike yesterday. I used the side of my thigh instead of my belly and it was a lot less painful.

The embryologist rang this morning to confirm that both embryos had defrosted and I still have two frozen for future use. My transfer went smoothly and two 5 days blastocysts are now floating in my womb. Everything is now crossed they stick. 

If anyone is reading this who hasn’t had an embryo transfer before the worst bit for me is having a full bladder. My bladder is so weak anyway. My bladder felt like it was going to burst but I made it through and had the biggest wee of my life after. 

I’ve done some Zita West guided relaxation and had acupuncture so hopefully I’m as relaxed as I can be. I have plenty of magazines and I have downloaded lots of books so I’m ready to chill. 

My test day will be Tuesday 7th March so now just got to make it through the dreaded two week wait. 

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