13 weeks

Yesterday was my NHS scan.

The lady completing the scan was unfortunately not the happiest individual. When I told her it was an ivf pregnancy and that I already knew it was twins she was annoyed as no one had told her. My notes however was right in front of her and the fact it was an ivf pregnancy and twins were clearly written on it.

She completed the scan but there was no reassurance or explanation. She just went quickly from one twin to another taking measurements. She didn’t say what these meant. When I asked if everything was OK she did however tell me they were growing OK so this was good.

I was then rushed out and told to wait for my notes and due date.

I got my due date of 8th May. This is the date the fertility clinic gave me and they told me they just go with that date and do not look at measurements when getting a due date for ivf pregnancies. This puts me at 13 weeks today.

Thankfully the receptionists were a lot happier. They booked me in for my consultant appointment next Monday. As I’m having twins I need to be consultant lead. They also sorted out my bounty leaflets so I can pick up my packs and my folder for carrying my notes around. I also got my flu jab sorted while I was there. The flu jab nurse was also really lovely.

The receptionists were also cheery despite a lady complaining that she had been waiting for three minutes and didn’t want to wait any longer. My wife found this hilarious.

We got some good pictures of both babies. We had to pay for the pictures and they wouldn’t let us choose which ones we wanted so we just had to have the ones the unhappy lady chose.

We’ve now started telling everyone and I’ve told people at work. It’s nice not to have to feel like I’m hiding anything.

It’s another 8 weeks until my next scan on 28th December. Not sure I’ll make it that long. I’ll probably end up getting another private scan.

3 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. Oh boooo. I’m sorry that lady was annoying and you didn’t have an enjoyable experience with her. I am happy to hear that your twins are doing good! Its so exciting to finally be able to share the joy ❤ Congrats again.

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