37 plus 1 – induction

I rang yesterday to check for beds to see if my induction would still happen. After several phone calls it was confirmed that I would come in in the afternoon.

Both babies where monitored and I was also monitored for silent contractions. Twin 1 was not pleased with being monitored and kept kicking the heart monitor. The midwife had to keep moving the monitor around to get a reading so I ended up being on the monitor for an hour instead of 30 minutes. Both babies were fine so they were happy to proceed with a pessary which would open my cervix over the next 24 hours.

The midwife examined me and got everything ready for the pessary, however it turned out I was already 2 cm dilated so there was no need for the pessary as they could already start things off by breaking my waters. However they weren’t ready for me to be this ready and had no beds on delivery suite for me. They therefore decided I would go to the ward and wait.

At 10pm they said we were next to home upstairs and my waters would be broken in the night. Unfortunately they had some emergency admissions so at 11.30 pm my wife was asked to go home (partners aren’t allowed to sleep on the wards) and I was told I would not be getting my waters broken until tomorrow (now today).

I really hoped I’d go into labour overnight but it didn’t happen. I did have one of the worst nights sleep ever. In hindsight ear plugs and a eye mask would have been a good idea. Even with the lights off the ward is go bright. The woman in the bay opposite desided that 11.45pm was the best time to call all her family members on her phone and talk loudly to them for almost an hour.

I am really hoping they have beds in the delivery suite today or I go into labour naturally. I’m ready to meet my babies.

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